2 thoughts on “Nothing to See Here. Move Along.

  1. Will be interesting if there’s additional detail on how DNS data was collected.

    1. IF the DNS provided records (log data), well, that would be interesting. Do they do that? Because there’s more than one DNS BUT your local computer generally points only at one. In a PRIMARY sense; there are defaults and such in case of outages.

    2. IF the DNS calls were intercepted LOCALLY… That would be interesting. Are there laws about placing devices in building(s) without permission?

    3. IF every DNS call goes out everywhere on the internet, where they can be scarfed, well that would be interesting. And you either have to have the capacity to sort through ALOT of data OR you have to be able to watch and record only what you want; which is doable. But a bit more sophisticated.

    Ah. On re-read I now see Tech Executive-1 had access to servers serving The Presidency because his company provides those services. Methinks Tech Executive-1’s employer has stuff to answer for. What? FedGov is so galacticly stupid they don’t have NDA equivalents for services provided to FedGov? Maybe. Could be. Seems not likely though. Even so, I’m now leaning towards ‘intercepted locally’ at the moment; Option 2 above.

    Furthermore, that doesn’t account for traffic intercepted at ‘(i) a particular healthcare provider, (ii) Trump Tower, (iii) Donald Trump’s Central Park West apartment building.’ Where did data for those 3 sites come from? Durham and Co. are silent on this (these-) point(s).

    Boys and girls, we got trouble right here in Potomac City. And, shortly, criminal charges. But I could be wrong-

    Also. What are Tech Executive-1’s connections to a certain someone or her associates?

  2. Wall Street Journal has a EDITORIAL this morning titled, “Trump Really Was Spied On”

    So far, there’s approximately 3,500 comments by readers. Many are asking, “Why is this not being reported on by WSJ news organization?” WJS readership appears outraged at the publication we subscribe too.

    NY Times doesn’t have the story on their front page. Washington Post does, but paywalled so I can’t read it.

    Fascinating. The sense of outrage at The Wall Street Journal is like nothing I’ve seen before. Don’t know if it’s unprecedented; but certainly new to me.

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