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Hogewash! has not been the only blog to ridicule Team Kimberlin. Kimberlin Unmasked was another. I suspect that KU was taking a poke at Brett Kimberlin’s physical stature when he/she/they began depicting him as a yappy little chihuahua. I took note of his/her/their Pro Se Dog character eight years ago today.

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Pro Se Dog

ProSeDogUPDATE—Com’on, Pro Se, do the loco motions!

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KU would often post comments here at Hogewash!, and I saved some of those images. Here’s one that expanded on the loco motions theme.

I miss the cockroach.

2 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I reckon KU’s not alone in finding humor here. Brett was suggested as an example in a Kiwi Farms thread titled “Notorious murderers or criminals who are lolcows”

    The thing is, there was an actual thread on Kiwi Farms devoted to Brett Kimberlin, and the thread classification is *Horror*cow.

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