Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

One of the ways that Team Kimberlin has tried to harass its perceived enemies is by contacting third parties (employers, friends) with lies. In one case that I wrote about six years ago today, Bill Schmalfeldt tried Appealing to a Higher Authority.

* * * * *

NQ201601220042ZI’m not surprised that a religious person would make his spiritual advisor aware of a stressful problem such as ongoing harassment from the Cabin Boy™. I’d be more surprised if Patrick Grady hadn’t sought spiritual support from his church family. I have from mine. Bill Schmalfeldt has no idea how many people are praying for him and the people he harasses and for justice.

The Cabin Boy™ claims to be a Catholic. I wonder how long it’s been since he went to confession and actually confessed?

* * * * *

After Kimberlin’s initial victory getting Aaron Walker fired by frightening his employer with the possibility of terrorist violence because of Aaron’s involvement with Everybody Dray Mohammed, we been wise to the tactic and have worked vigorously to make sure it failed every time since.

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