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One of the way I could tell that a particular bit of coverage had gotten under Team Kimberlin’s skin was an increase in lame attempts to harass or insult me or members of my family. Their efforts always backfired on them. Bill Schmalfeldt’s effort seven years ago today was crazy I told him Feel Free to Make a Bigger Fool of Yourself.

* * * * *

Here’s one of the Team Kimberlin comments so far this afternoon.TK210501191932ZGo ahead. Post the stuff on Facebook. Mrs. Hoge’s friends all know her and will be certain that the she isn’t the source of any of your filth. While you’ll disgust some people, you won’t embarrass her. You’ll simply show yourself to be a creeptastic fool.

You’re gonna need a good-sized bandage for you own foot.

* * * * *

Emails about me sent to Mrs. Hoge’s colleagues on the Forestry Board, some of whom were state employees, wound up attracting the attention of a law enforcement agency. But that’s another story.

2 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. “Intelligence is a mosaic.”
    – Bill Donovan

    You’ve indicated that Brett and Bill may both be facing unfinished business. Brett, I understand. Would have thought Schmalfeldt, having complied with The Krendler Accords, would have been left alone.

    Obviously not the case.

    But now I understand why.

    • The CIA has just informed me that the quote, above, is misattribution.

      Bill Casey (former CIA Director) not Bill Donovan (former OSS Director) said “Intelligence is a mosaic.”

      All errors are mine. Alone. As always.

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