Covid and Murphy’s Law

I started the New Year off with a cold which took a few days to get over. Of course, I had a covid test. It was negative, verifying that it just a cold. Although I’m fully vaxxed and boosted, I was hoping that it was covid so I could claim natural immunity as well. Nope. Just a cold, and I got over it.

So I went about my normal routine over the weekend.

This morning, I took another covid test even though I’m asymptomatic. It turned out positive.

Given that I’m elderly, I suppose an asymptomatic case isn’t such a bad deal, but being placed on hold for the next few days is going to be a real inconvenience.

OTOH, I can now claim natural immunity on top of being vaxxed and boosted.

2 thoughts on “Covid and Murphy’s Law

  1. It is highly likely that one or both of your tests are wrong. I was exposed to Covid by two fully vaxxed people. Four of us took tests. One person came back positive for the flu even though three of us ultimately came down with flu-like symptoms.

    I believe it unlikely that the seven tests we took were all inaccurate and we have generally recovered from the flu though I still have a lingering cough 13 days later. The problem is you can’t trust the tests and the vaxx doesn’t stop transmission or infection.

  2. My neighbor got Wuflu in early spring. Was fully vaccinated over the summer. Boosted in the fall. Now has Covid the 2nd time. So much for vaccine and natural immunity. Hope it stays mild, get well.

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