Team Kimberlin Post of the Day (A Few Hours Early)

I would usually hold this to post until just after midnight, but I feel like sharing this good news right away.

The Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit has affirmed the denial by a U.S. District Court of Brett Kimberlin’s petition for a writ of coral nobis seeking to set aside some of his Speedway Bombing convictions. His convictions stand.

Kimberlin still has another appeal related to the Speedway Bomblings pending at the Seventh Circuit.

12 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day (A Few Hours Early)

  1. “And he piled upon the whale’s white hump, the sum of all the rage and hate felt by his whole race. If his chest had been a cannon, he would have shot his heart upon it.”

    -Jean Luc Picard

    Last Form 990 for JTMP (yeah, I had to go back to check) shows El Kimbo pulled down $2.4M over five years running between 2015 and 2019. Averages damn near $500K per. year. And $500K+ over the last 2 years reported.

    Business is good.

    Fascinating that the 990 does not require listing contributors. IMHO Brett burns a bucket of shrooms quarterly, as a offering to the Liberal Gods, to ensure IRS doesn’t hit him with a audit. That’s OPINION. Don’t sue me, Brett. For all I know it’s not shrooms you burn. Quarterly.

    My point is that the Little Guy is doing just fine, thank you. Setbacks at the Fed judicial level notwithstanding.

    My advice? Seek a presidential pardon. No better time than the present.

  2. Whenever I’ve written on Hogewash, BillySez, TMZ, Sonoran Conservative I was usually 3/4 lit. Maybe a little more. Likewise my postings on nytimes, theatlantic, arstechnica and salon. First step to thinking you might have a problem is to approve it. All of which is to set the stage for a interesting story. Because, there I was.

    Bang! Hit RETURN on last nights Hogewash wherein I bring up, yet again, Kimberlins’ 990 racket.

    It’s beautiful this time of year in LA. I walk outside to the veranda overlooking our infinity pool and see M4 floating there with the usual daiquiri in hand.

    Let me digress, for a moment. When I took the dancing monkeys from Paul Krendler I had to sign a NDA which DEMANDED I never ever divulge true names for said monkeys. Stiff penalties. Unbelievably stiff penalties. And might I add? Never sign a NDA if you’ve been drinking. Which I had been. Anywho. Thus the nom de guerres (covers) for M1, M2, 3, etc. In the biz we call that OPSEC. And, apparently, so do the monkeys.

    M4 shouts across the water, “Saw your latest post. You don’t get it do you?”

    “Get what,” I sez. “And would you PLEASE watch the cigar ashes drifting in to the water? Smoke on deck. Only. No smoke on the water.” The sound of guitars drift up from the next neighborhood over. Sounds classic 70s.

    Not sure but I think M4 ignores my last.

  3. “w, your always bitchin’ about free cash flow and ROI. You’ve come up with a fantastic opportunity but haven’t acted on it.”

    “Yeah? Well if I’m worried about money and you’re NOT; just you take a look at our balance sheet. Bananas don’t just grow on trees, you know. They have to be paid for, fuzz face! Do I LOOK like the Federal Reserve? Wasn’t my idea to buy this place in Manhattan Beach but YOU had to HAVE IT. We were doing FINE in Newport Beach.”

    Feeling pretty smug I am. Showed that damn monkey. Don’t argue numbers with me. The concrete deck sways ever so slightly. But I’m good. I’m ok. I can do this.

    M4 lowers his glasses to half way down his nose. The evening-hour insects still. The air chills. He speaks lowly. At very low volume. I’ve seen this before and put my half-finished drink down on the cashmere blanket covering the nearest deck chair.

    “First off.


    I’m the one who paid for this, our Manhattan Beach pad. As I recall, w, YOU said I shouldn’t get in to repping movie stars. But here we are. And here we are doing well I might add. We’re here in MB because location location. And it’s NOT like you haven’t been able to keep the property in Newport. You still got it. Have no idea why you’re bitching.”

  4. I respond, “We’re still stretched. We need more cash. Dance instruction here in LA is way more than it is in… Oh hell, I don’t know. BOISE! Plus my yacht in Newport is coming up on empty. Have you seen the cost of diesel-marine lately? Brandon is killing us. We’re THIS CLOSE to $80 West Texas oil. And don’t get me started on what our private jet is costing! You know what the next engine-check is going to cost?”

    M4 sits up straighter in his floatie. “Fuel for the yacht is covered. Likewise the jet. How many times does M2 have to explain financial ‘straddles’ to you? Buy as much diesel as you want. We’re good for it.”

    M1 pokes his head out the sliding door. “YO! M4! w! The Guys and I are getting ready to crack a ’57 Chateau Lafite. Want some?”

    “Yes”, I reply. “Open two. We’re apparently talking bidness here.”

    “Roger Roger”, M1 scampers off to the wine cellar.

    M4 growls, “You want to hear about opps for a additional cash stream or not?”

    “Yeah, I’m all about that. Lay it on me fuzzball.” My glass is only half full.

    M4, “Ok. You’ve alluded to this multiple times but you still haven’t completed the circle. Last night, on Hogewash, I thought you were there. But apparently not. So lemme’ lay it out for you Brotha’. And let me know if I need to pull out the crayons.

  5. Start your own non-profit.

    Make it Lib.

    And then start raking in that sweet sweet Soros cash. Ford Foundation. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Clinton Initiative Foundation; oh wait- That one may be ‘IN only’. But you can see where I’m going with this.

    IF Justice Through Music Project can scam people for a half-mil or so yearly GIVEN how sloppy Brett Kimberlin is… Well. Just think of what you could do given your own modest talents, w. You want boat fuel covered? JP4? California taxes? I give you marine-diesel and all the rest paid for by The Left. Plus, likely, enough left over for sushi. And I guaran-damn-tee you 5 weeks of your effort is all it would take.”

    I’m stunned. How could I have not seen this before. My mind races. M2 brings out a bottle of Lafite, sticks it in a bucket of ice and places 2 glasses on a silver tray. M2 splits without a word. Monkey of few words, he is.

    I glare at M4 pointedly. “Ok. Form 990 is a joke. Clearly I can plug any number in to any row and none of it has to make sense. It’s entirely a check-the-box exercise. But what if we get audited? I don’t have a backstory or records in detail that will survive scrutiny. We’ll be in jail with Epstein and the QAnon Shaman!”

    M4 stands up on his floatie. Waters in the pool roil. “DO NOT TAKE ME AS A CONJURER OF CHEAP TRICKS, w!  And besides, what do you mean ‘We’ white man? Sorry. Old joke, there. Epstein’s sunning on a island somewhere and…“

  6. M3 opens the sliding door. “Hey, I’m expecting some ballet shoes from Amazon. Did we get any packages today?”

    “No. Not that I saw.”

    “Nope. But check our server for video on the doorbell camera.”

    M3, “Ok, cool.”

    M3 splits. I pour myself a glass of champagne. “Want one?”

    “Nah. Good with what I got, man.”

    “Cool. Now where were we?”

    M4 is laying back again. “Look w, don’t sweat the 990 stuff. Yeah, DO check if there are other regulatory requirements or required paperwork. That’s required. Get to work writing proposals. Make it all vague do-gooderism. Add stuff. Make it sound noble. More fluff is better than less. And be vague. Did I say that already? But do it. More vague is better. You don’t want to write anything that would make you accountable to metrics. Hell- Betcha’ there’s hundreds of grad students and/or PhD candidates who could do the grant-proposal work for you on spec that gets you to tax-free. Might cost you another $400 or so, though.”

    I’m thinking.

    I like it.

  7. Think I’m going to do it. But I’d like to crowdsource the Brett Kimberlin fan-club for additional leads. In addition to Soros and Ford and Clinton… Who can I hit up? I need names of other foundations. And yep, I’ve already thought about the State Department. And the government of Ukraine.

    ONE TIME OFFER: For Brett Kimberlin. Only.

    Brett, you could save me 3 or 4 days of research if you would collaborate with me on my efforts to scam idiot-organization donations. I value your experience. Work with me, tell me what you know and how you’ve done it and I’ll improve the scam. I’ll pay you. Either a fixed fee OR some percentage not to exceed 2% of NET. Know also I need to leave all details regarding laundering of funds to you. Of course, I’m guessing you know a guy who knows a guy. But I want no part of that. IF you want me to more fully document my process(es) so you can duplicate them and leverage JTMP you’ll accept a lesser fee of 1%. Think of how that would play out over future years.

    This is a Win-Win-Win, Brett.

    I get additional income.

    You get additional income.

    Soros dollars, and Lib dollars get soaked up in to non-productive enterprises which would be otherwise be dedicated to additional bleeding-heart commie-lib prosecutors or Stacy Abrams. Or, G_d forbid, Hillary Clinton.

    Edititor: INSERT theme music for ‘The One Ring’ HERE.

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