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Four years ago yesterday, I posted a list of the kinds of operating systems that were being used by people viewing Hogewash!. Four years ago today, I posted this about An Interesting Change.

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Yesterday, I posted a brief description of some of the types of operating systems used on device that have connected to Hogewash! recently. I mentioned that one visitor was using a PS 4. That user is now attempting to mask the operating system of his device.


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From time to time, I’ve posted about the rules of English grammar dealing with gender, noting that the form for the indefinite (i.e., sex unknown) gender is the same as the masculine. With that in mind and with new information available, I should change the above to read “her device” rather than “his device.”

The Gentle Readers who have been following The Saga of Team Kimberlin for four or more years will likely understand why this change makes that post part of The Saga.

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