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Brett Kimberlin has continued to maintain his innocence of the Speedway Bombings in the face of overwhelming evidence. He insists that he was framed, claiming, for example, the ATF planted the four modified timers found among the bomb making equipment found in the car he was driving when arrested by the FBI and Army CID for impersonating a federal officer.

As I noted in a post nine years ago today—

If I were a crooked cop trying to frame someone for a bombing, I wouldn’t bother to modify four timers and plant them. One would do. Traces of Tovex 200, the explosive used in the bombs, were found in the trunk of the car also. If I knew that, I wouldn’t bother to plant the timer. Possession of explosives by a felon (remember, TDPK’s a perjurer) is itself a felony, and possession of the same type used in the bombings provides a strong possible link to them.

No, TDPK wasn’t framed. He screwed up and left bomb making material in a vehicle that he was driving when he got arrested. That’s simply poor attention to detail and bad timing on his part.

BTW, one of Kimberlin’s current appeals relating to the Speedway Bombings is based on the claim that he didn’t know at time of the bombings that he was a felon because of his perjury conviction.

Yeah, right.

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  1. “I didn’t know I was a felon at the time I set off the bombs, so therefore I’m innocent.”

    Yeahhh… no.

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