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I’ve seen a lot of noise on the Interwebz from Democrat politicians and media types (but I repeat myself) claiming that they know what is better for the citizens of West Virginia than Joe Manchin. They should put their careers where their mouths are, move to West Virginia, and run against him in the next primary. He isn’t up for reelection until 2024, so there’s plenty of time for someone such as Ilhan Omar to work to build a following in the state.

1 thought on “Just a Thought

  1. Progressives and leftists seem to desire a single ruler who can dictate everything to everyone.

    A single ruler leads to Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and Pol Pot.

    Elected representation of people and states leads to the United States, to where more people of different cultures, races and religions have migrated than anywhere in the history of humans.

    The United States IS the most diverse country in the history of humans.

    Currently progressives and leftists are working to eliminate individuality because individuality impedes the imposition of communism and socialism. Communism and socialism can only exist through forced subservience to other people.

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