For The Times They Are A-Changin’

San Francisco Democrat Mayor London Breed announced a crackdown on crime on Tuesday. The city has been overwhelmed with pervasive lawlessness encouraged by progressive politicians.

It’s time that the reign of criminals who are destroying our city, it is time for it to come to an end. And it comes to an end when we take the steps to be more aggressive with law enforcement … and less tolerant of all the bullshit that has destroyed our city.

Harry Callahan was unavailable for comment.

3 thoughts on “For The Times They Are A-Changin’

  1. And it comes to an end when we take the steps to be more aggressive with law enforcement

    What she fails to understand is that the DA doesn’t care about prosecuting the lawbreakers. He comes from a line of domestic terrorists and his main goal is to allow all criminality to go unchecked.

  2. You heard it here first: they drove 100MPH into a wall when they decided to defund the police, and are now shocked that the crash caused damage to their society.

    Now, they will accelerate in the opposite direction, only to slam on the brakes moments before reaching a point that will have a restorative effect.

    And the reason they will stop is simple: the looters, the criminals, their ANTIFA and communist supporters, and the media (but I repeat myself) will complain too loudly that it might actually work that they will be subject to inequitable outcomes.

  3. For modern-day politicians and public officials, there seems to be a triangulation of psychologically-internalized incentives:

    1) professional success
    2) desired outcomes – political and social
    3) self preservation

    For the mayor of San Francisco, her screw-up of #2 invoked a #3 response. To keep #1 going, her personal morals and principles become wildly flexable. What a shit-head. But that’s the type of political class that keeps getting elected now-a-days.

    There once existed a type of person who would set aside personal desires in order to serve the people who elected them.

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