4 thoughts on “For the Record

  1. “Likes” are constantly failing to register. This has been going on for a long time. I click “like” and it reverts within seconds. Are you aware of this?

  2. I’m pretty sure that over 99% of all people world-wide agree with your opinion about that, Mr. Hoge. But no one will say anything about it, because that tiny fraction of the population that wants to bully everyone else self-portray themselves as victims. In truth they’re just oppresive anti-social butt-heads.

  3. I have a fix for this = Father of sports star daughter here and this is what I would like to see = instead of bitching and crying when all girls show to sports meet and get ready to take the little launch decks and man/boy is there in his one-piece to demurely cover his boobs then ALL real girls take two steps back and turn back on man and let him swim alone. Do that from now on. Tell Judges “we are girls we do not compete against men and that is a man”. Those girls who do this would be heroes in my opinion. O by the way assuming this man/boy is going into female locker room? Attack him with screaming and fists and feet and chase him out to the mens locker room where he belongs. Can I get an amen here folks?

    • Attacking him in the locker room could backfire and result in assault charges. Perhaps a better tactic would be to report him as a peeping tom.

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