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Well, there’s been some movement in both of Brett Kimberlin’s cases in the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals seeking to overturn some of his Speedway Bombing convictions. A coupe of weeks ago, he filed his brief in the second appeal dealing with hair samples used as evidence in the Speedway Bombing trials and a motion asking the court to order the Department of Justice to state its current opinion one a previous directive related to hair sample evidence. The court has denied that motion.

In his brief Kimberlin again asks for a freebie lawyer—

Because of the importance and complexity of the issues and facts, Appellant strongly requests oral argument and the appoint meant of pro bono counsel. Oral argument by experience counsel would greatly aid the Court in its consideration of the issues, some of which are first impression in this Court.

This week, Kimberlin filed in the first case what he called a “Citation of Additional Authority” about a New York case relating to hair sample evidence.

IANAL, but news clippings don’t strike me as a proper citation to case law.

The first case is fully briefed. The Department of Justice has not filed its reply brief in the second case.

Stay tuned.

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  1. I wonder if Brett Kimberlin has ever put any thought into why good people have a much simpler time defending their reputations.

    I wish he would. He might notice a very common pattern among good people. In particular, good people aren’t murderers or child molesters.

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