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Brett Kimberlin routinely filled his court filings with extraneous material, possibly because doing so allowed them to say things he imagined made his enemies look bad in a privileged environment. The TKPOTD for seven years ago today was about one such silly claim he made.

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One of the reasons that The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s second amended complaint in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness ran way over the 50-page limit established by the Court’s Local Rule is that he include a lot of extraneous material that doesn’t support his case. Consider this:ECF 135-33TDPK never explains how anything Team Themis might have done is in anyway connected with any defendant in the RICO Madness. If he could prove that any tortuous conduct occurred, he should sue Team Themis, the U. S. Chamber of Commerce, and the FBI. Not us.

However, since he brings up the subject, take a look at the list of “targets.” Brett Kimberlin and Brad Friedman are the co-founders of Velvet Revolution US, and Friedman is one of its directors. Justice Through Music and Velvet Revolution are the two not-for-profits that provide Kimberlin his day-to-day employment. Stop the Chamber is a fund raising activity operating under the wing of Velvet Revolution.


Meanwhile, the timer is ticking down on TDPK’s omnibus opposition to the motions to dismiss the RICO Madness. It’s due two weeks from tomorrow.

The contest to spot TDPK’s truly magnificent error in his motion for a new trial in the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. case is still running. There have been some great entries, but no one has found what Aaron Walker noticed. Yet.

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res_judicata_mugsAs I type this post, I’m drinking Irish coffee out a the mug that no one won in that contest.

None of the Gentle Readers picked up on the fatal flaw in Kimberlin’s case.

It’s really quite simple. In order for a statement to be defamatory, it must be false. Although Kimberlin kept saying that it was defamatory to call him a pedophile, he never once said that he was not a pedophile.

Was he afraid of perjury trap?

1 thought on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. One would find Kimberlin’s situation very odd, if one didn’t get how politics on the left works now in America. I mean, how hard would it be for the mainstream left to completely distance itself from all the vicious pedophiles that are disproportionately adhering to it? There can’t be THAT many of them, can there?

    But the left can’t pass up the disproportionate harm its pedophiles inflict on the left’s political opponents. The left’s current program can’t be executed without vicious, hateful, criminal enforcers to try to bully normal people from even bothering to participate in politics. The moderate left also refuses to cut off its mass-murder obsessed communists for the same reason.

    Combining the two themes, here are a bunch of commie types praising a violent career criminal pedophile who raped 5 boys who were aged 9-11.

    Very weird to anyone who didn’t follow politics during the last 10 years. Not weird at all to anyone watching left politics spiral out of control into increasingly violent and evil tactics. Moderate leftists are complicit in this, since they could easily cut most of these weirdos off from their movement, but instead they try to gain synergy by siccing these disgusting psychopaths on us normal people.

    As a reminder, shazbot still hasn’t apologized for his lies where he denied that his side’s violent communists are inflicting violence on his political opponents. This is just one of the extreme, dangerous, bloodthirsty tactics that the entire left uses against normal people, all of which tactics shazbot lies about.

    Leftists aren’t your friends. They don’t care about pedophilia or murder as long as it’s directed at people they hate. Any one of them could have easily looked into it and tried to help. A tiny single digit percentage actually did so, and their own side’s leaders go out of their way to prevent this.

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