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Even after being told that there was no “journalism” exception to the Maryland peace order statute, Bill Schmalfeldt continued to contact me. He then tried to claim his use of Twitter wasn’t a form of contact. This Prevarication Du Jour from eight years ago today dealt with one of his attempts to spin The Narrative in his own favor.

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Bill Schmalfeldt thinks he’s found perjury in the Applications for Statement of Charges that I have filed.WMSBroad201311211303Z

He must not have looked very hard. The second tweet listed in the first Application appears to be his part of this exchange taken from the @LobotomyRadio timeline.LR201310220101ZThat’s pretty good evidence that the Cabin Boy sent his tweet by clicking the Reply button at the bottom of @LNSmithee’s. Here is Twitter’s definition of a @reply:Twitte_@replyThus, we see that my allegation that Bill Schmalfeldt was using both @mentions and @replies is supported by evidence.

UPDATE—Yes, indeed, Gentle Reader, the Cabin Boy wants us to believe that he didn’t use the reply button on this tweet to generate his tweet addressed to the accounts in the Reply to line shown here. @LNSmithee201310220100ZDo you believe that it’s just a coincidence that the addresses on the Cabin Boy’s tweet are exactly the same accounts in exactly the same order with exactly the same capitalization as would have resulted from hitting the Reply button on the tweet he was commenting upon?

Neither do I.

* * * * *

Schmalfeldt managed to pick up a dozen restraining orders in five states before he decided to give it a rest.

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