Binger vis-a-vis Kimberlin

I’ve been holding off on commenting on the Rittenhouse trial, but I want to report a remark made by a lawyer friend of mine, Aaron Walker. Aaron said, “I owe Brett Kimberlin an apology. I said that he was the most incompetent litigator I had ever seen and that no lawyer could ever handle the examination of a witness as poorly as Kimberlin did in our trial. I retract that statement.”

2 thoughts on “Binger vis-a-vis Kimberlin

  1. Another Fine Graduate of the ACME School of Law, Pretendyland Extension Campus.

    I sincerely wonder if Bill Schmalfeldt understands just how many bullets he dodged by failing to get a single lawsuit past a motion to dismiss. Instead I’m sure that watching Littlefinger the “experienced trial lawyer” stomping his jimmies day after day after day doesn’t even bump the needle for him.

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