Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

It was eight years ago today that I posted about Team Kimberlin’s crackpot legal theories being advanced to support Bill Schmalfeldt’s attempt to get the first of a dozen restraining orders overturned. The running gag here at Hogewash! has been that Team Kimberlin get their legal advice from the same company that sells all those fine products to a certain coyote. No matter how hard Acme Law Fights Back, Reality keeps crushing Team Kimberlin in court.

* * * * *

Apparently, Acme Legal is trying to find a way to combat the dreaded res judicata.Acme-Disintegrating-Pistol

* * * * *

No wonder Brett Kimberlin keeps asking for a court to appoint a real lawyer to handle his Speedway Bombing appeals.

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