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Brett Kimberlin wanted to be famous, but his crimes made him infamous. The TKPOTD for seven years ago looked at one his complaints against this blog in the first RICO LOLsuit he filed against me.

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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin doesn’t like the publicity he has been receiving here at Hogewash! in connection with his ongoing lawfare and shutuppery. This is from one of his filings in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.ECF 49-1Brett Kimberlin had the opportunity to prove that this blog had defamed him by publishing false information. He was unsuccessful, so that matter is settled. Hogewash! has not defamed him. Rather, this blog has published truthful information about him. Of course, it is possible that TDPK finds the truth intimidating, but that’s not my problem.

I kinda like the “threats of doom” hyperbole. However, Hogewash! has never threatened Brett Kimberlin with doom. I have from time to time offered my opinion that I didn’t expect Kimberlin to be successful in his lawfare, and my batting average isn’t too shabby. The unconstitutional gag order against Aaron Walker was thrown out. The peace order underlying that gag order was overturned on appeal. TDPK’s appeal of another quashed peace order against Aaron was denied. He wound up having drop his peace order against John Norton in order to avoid a perjury trap. The harassment charges he filed against Aaron and me were nolle prosed by the Montgomery County States Attorney before we could even be served. And the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance suit was a spectacular failure.

I haven’t done anything to chill Brett Kimberlin’s right to redress through the courts. Yet. However, I believe that he is a vexatious litigant, and I am seeking to have him adjudicated as one. Even then, he won’t lose his right of redress. He will simply have to have a magistrate judge screen his complaints prior to filing.

Brett Kimberlin is a whiny loser.

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Describing Kimberlin as whiny is accurate. As I noted in a review of his CD Nothing Else

Let me first comment on Mr. Kimberlin’s voice. I had heard his speaking voice in court, and I understand why some people refer to it as whinny. His singing voice reminds me of the silly voice that Weird Al uses on tracks such as Eat It. Mrs. Hoge, who listened through the CD with me, said, “Eddie Haskell.”

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