The Virginia Tiki Boyz

There are a couple tipoffs that this bunch of white supremacists might be a false flag op by McAuliffe campaign.The first is that at least two of the torch bearers have been identified as democrat operatives.

The second, and this shows how truly inept this bunch is, is that no a single one of them has an MAGA hat.

4 thoughts on “The Virginia Tiki Boyz

      • Sounds like a bad move on Twitter’s part, because now he has cause to sue them. By proving that they have NOT enforced the rules on other accounts that make jokes about killing Trump or other conservative politicians, he can prove that they lied about the reason for suspending him.

        • Maybe. Maybe Mr. Walker has something in mind. Guess we’ll see. But his tweet seems out of the boundaries of what I usually see from him. He’s certainly capable of using different phrasings to make the same point. So maybe he has something in mind.

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