Consequences of Overreach

I’ve been writing about the Democrats precarious situation caused by their underperformance in the 2020 elections. While they have nominal majorities in both houses of Congress, they don’t have a working majority because of the differing goals of various party factions. However, the inanely progressive wing has dug in their heels, overreaching, demanding more than the saner members of the party know is possible. Senators such as Manchin and Sinema understand they have to win elections in order to stay in office, and aren’t about to support legislation that will alienate their constituents. Nothing is getting done. Their agenda appears DOA. And lots of voters who lean Democrat are losing patience.

So we’re seeing an interesting struggle within the Inner Party, a struggle I suspect will lead the Democrats to disaster. Daniel Roman has a post over at AMAC about the Democrats disarray leading them to that disaster. He closes with these words—

… the real problem with this progressive clique of largely white, privileged, young college grads is not their views on specific policies, but their inability to listen or interact with anyone who is not part of their ideological in-group. That is on full display with the disputes that are currently tearing the Democratic Party apart, the left’s treatment of Sinema and Manchin, and the likely failure of Biden’s domestic agenda.

Read the whole thing.

The next year-and-a-half will be ugly.

2 thoughts on “Consequences of Overreach

  1. All of these articles assuring us of victory in 2022 and beyond ignore the single most important point:

    It doesn’t matter how many voters support the candidates of each party, what matters is how many votes the democrats can manufacture to overcome their deficit.

    Any voting district with a city where the electoral process is controlled by democrats can be easily subverted using the techniques perfected in 2020.

    We’ve demonstrated to them that they can do this in plain view, with concrete evidence up to and including video of it happening, and we’ll do nothing. Even the Republican establishment will pretend like nothing happened. If the media pays any attention to it, it will be to ridicule the people pointing it out as conspiracy theorists and nuts. Big tech will censor anyone who tries to talk about it, and life will go on…under democrat rule.

    Pretending like none of that happened in 2020 and is happening now is not going to stop it from happening again in 2022 and into the future.

    The bottom line is that if we don’t stop them from cheating, they won’t stop cheating…and not only will we not stop them, we won’t even admit that they clearly did.

    We’re done. The establishment republican party was so adamant about getting the outsider who wasn’t beholden to them and under their control out of power they undermined any chance they ever had of legitimately gaining power back.

    And we’re all going to (continue to) pay for it.

    Believe me, I hope I’m wrong. I pray I’m wrong. I fear I’m not.

    Watch Virginia’s gubernatorial election. The polls (which for many years have leaned significantly left) show it as within the margin of error, which means Youngkin actually has a significant lead. If you see Younkin leading, leading, leading and then a sudden, middle of the night shift to McAuliffe, the fix was in. That’s the modus operandi and that’s what we have to look forward to for the foreseeable future.

  2. Demographics is destiny. Today’s radicalism is a direct result of mass immigration. Immigrants and their children will vote Democrat almost no matter how incompetent or destructive Dem party rule is. It’s why Virginia is blue. I suspect the Republicans will do well for an election or two, after that the deluge. One party state, like California or New York. This is the inevitable result of the crooks at the top of the Republican party supporting open borders for the last half-century.

    “In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion” – Lee Kuan Yew. This is reality, CivNat/Republican fantasies about citizenship have come a cropper. Not much you can do about it now.

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