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One of the Kimberlin not-for-profits was originally called Velvet Revolution US, but he changed its name in 2017 to Protect Our Elections/EMPR Inc. EMPR appears to stand for EuroMaidan PR which operates an English-language Ukrainian “news” site at empr dot media. The IRS has terminated the entities 501(c)4 tax exemption, and the corporation is not in good standing with the State of Maryland.

The TKPOTD from a year ago today showed how Brett Kimberlin was using EMPR to “protect” the 2020 election.

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Well, it looks as if Team Kimberlin has figured which one their active websites has the best following. The global popularity ratings of the English language Ukrainian news site empr dot media and itstime2020 dot org are 6,164,010 and 14,338,928 respectively. Yesterday evening, this opinion piece appeared on the EuroMaidan PR website.

I’m not making this up, you know.

Russia has a long history of using assassination to effect its geopolitical goals, especially around elections. Although there have been no specific public threats by Russia to assassinate any American, including Mr. Biden, security officials in the United States would be foolish and naïve not to consider this very real possibility based on Russia’s recent use of poisons and assassinations. Indeed, members of the Russian Duma and commentators on Kremlin state media outlets have stated recently that the only way Donald Trump can win is if something happens to Joe Biden.

The piece engages in speculation that the Russians might try to assassinate Biden as a way of insuring that Trump wins the election, implying that could be a reason for Biden’s Secret Service detail to be keeping him in the basement.

This may be the most outlandish of all of Kimberlin’s false narratives.

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Even the Congressional Democrats had moved on from the Russia Collusion Hoax by then.

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