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Brett Kimberlin has an appeal before the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals attempting to overturn some of his Speedway Bomber convictions. The Department of Justice has filed its brief in opposition to the appeal. If The Dread Deadbeat Pro-Se Kimberlin wishes to file a reply brief, it is due not later than close of business today.

Tick, tick, tick, tick, …

5 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Hello, Justice?

    Yeah. Ummm… Yeah, it’s me Brett. What do you mean ‘Brett Who?’

    That Brett.

    Listen, I need a extension. Been busy lately. Also, the Paka Molo got in the way just a bit. Primo bud. Wait. What? What do you mean? No way Jose; the shit’s legal. In California for sure. Hawaii. Colorado. Seattle. Just a matter of time before Maryland joins the civilized world so don’t even think about coming at me with that. The FBI knows who’s on their side and who’s not. Back off, Man!

    So anyway.

    Yeah, I need a extension. Takes more time to run spellcheck than you know. Also. You have to afford a poor Pro Se every indulgence (and advantage) because…. Ummm…. Because. Hang on. I got a cite here somewhere. I use it all the time.

    And you know why you have to afford poor Pro Se’s extra latitude? Stare Decis, that’s why. You have to let precedent stand. Or, at least, defer to it. How’s THAT for some Legal Sharpestry? I crack myself up. Just that good, that capable, that much further down the road than all the dimwits I have to deal with in daily life.

    Know this, you little gray bureaucrat minions, I’ve lied REPEATEDLY in court. I’ve forged evidence. I’ve refused to pay judgements. And all of that means you have to let me color outside the lines. Multiple judges in Maryland have signed off on my behavior. That means you have to also. Why others go to Law School and get accredited is totally beyond me. Because THEY (then-) have to play by the rules. I myself am unfettered by said constraints.

    Feelin’ me?

    Know this, also- I’ve got a call in to Hunter. You guys get difficult and you’ll be hearing from The Big Guy. Himself.

    So don’t try me, bitchez’- Because I’ve been consistent in paying my 10%. And that means I’m a member in good standing. Bought more than a couple of paintings, too.

    Give me my extension. March of next year would be convenient. Don’t even think about interfering with my holiday plans.

    Peace out.


  2. I’ve often thought you should just pipe down about looming deadlines, maybe hold this post until tomorrow and say “It’s not on PACER yet, but the deadline was 5 PM yesterday.”

    On the other hand, your constant reminding of Team Kindergarten about these deadlines does not seem to have substantially helped them…

    • Kimberlin is not a part of the federal courts’ electronic filing system. He must either use the U. S. Mail, use a delivery service (such as FedEx), or hand deliver his paperwork to the Clerk of the Court. The court is in Chicago, and Kimberlin generally lurks about the Maryland suburbs of DC. If he didn’t mail his reply last week, he or his delivery person better start heading to Chicago early today with the finished reply brief in hand.

      • Just curious-

        Why isn’t he on PACER? It’s not a heckuva’ lot of money is it?

        And aren’t Pro Se’s admitted without charge because ‘justice for all’ ? Didn’t I read that somewhere?


        • It is unusual for a court to let someone into the electronic filing system who is not a member of the bar of at least one federal court.

          I had to pay to use PACER to download all of the many filing Kimberlin neglected to properly serve on me during his federal LOLsuits.

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