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Brett Kimberlin seems desperate to achieve some manner of positive fame. He is, of course, famous, but being known as a convicted serial bomber isn’t the kind of notoriety he wants. The post this clip is taken from first ran nine years ago today under the title Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin—Man of International Consequence.

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Those Gentle Readers who have been with the Saga of The Dread Pirate Kimberlin for lo these many months will know that he had a run in with Aaron Walker in the lobby area outside the 9th floor courtrooms in the Montgomery County Court House back in January. He filed a criminal complaint against Mr. Walker which the State’s Attorney decided wasn’t supported by the evidence. TDPK tried to intervene in the case to force a prosecution.

<mockery>You see, the case was too important to let die. Look at how TDPK began his Motion in Opposition the the State’s Motion to Nolle Pros This Case:

Now comes Victim/Complainant Brett Kimberlin (“Victim”) and hereby opposes the State’s Motion to Nolle Pros this case. In support of this motion, Victim states that this is not simply a run of the mill assault case but rather one that has both national and international ramifications and is being watched by federal law enforcement authorities, State Department contractors, organizations that monitor hate groups, foreign countries with large Muslim populations, and national Muslim and civil rights organizations. There are many aggravating factors present in this case that warrant full prosecution and even consideration of additional charges against Mr. Walker.

Wow! That sure is a heapin’ big burden for a simple assault case to carry. Who knew that Mr. Kimberlin was so important in, for instance, a foreign country with a large Muslim population?

Actually, there are only two of the categories on the list that come close to making any sense. Both of TDPK’s not-for-profits have done work for or funded by the State Department, so they might be the “State Department contractors,” but I wonder what “federal law enforcement authorities” would be following a simple assault case in Maryland. Even if TDPK were still on supervised parole, a parole officer isn’t a LEO.


It seems that TDPK may think he’s further up the pecking order than reality would allow.</mockery>

* * * * *

I filed an FIOA request with the State Department about the work he claimed to have done for them. The State Department claims to have no records of any such work by Kimberlin.

Well, he’s also a convicted perjurer, and perjurers have been known to tell lies.

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