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The scheme of pro se lawfare used by Team Kimberlin was the brainchild of Neal Rauhauser. Perhaps because of his outstanding warrants becoming known to various court bailiffs beginning to make visits to courthouse risky, Rauhauser teamed up with a lawyer for his LOLsuit against James McGibney. Even with a lawyer’s assistance, Rauhauser couldn’t win. Three years ago today, that case finally ended, and I was able to report Neal Rauhauser Loses Again.

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The Texas Supreme Court has denied Neal Rauhauser’s petition for review of the Appeals Court’s ruling setting aside the $150,000 (originally $1,300,000) sanction he was awarded against James McGibney and ordering him to pay McGibney’s fees and costs instead.

Here’s the order. Scroll down to page 4.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

UPDATE—Corrected the amount of the sanction and added a link to the Appeals Court ruling.

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