An Interesting Polling Factoid

I’ve been looking at various polls, and if they are accurate, it seems that more people have a favorable opinion of Joe Xiden (e.g., 40 % approval in Rasmussen) than believe the country is headed in the right direction (e.g., 32 % in Rasmussen).

Does this mean that as significant number of Xiden’s supports approve of his leading the country in the wrong direction?


2 thoughts on “An Interesting Polling Factoid

  1. There is a knee jerk reaction by many Democrats who are loath to admit they were wrong voting for him. That is why Biden is still able to have a steady (albeit low) base.

    If the economy goes in the tank, that base with further crater.

  2. Also, remember that those polls are often weighted in favor of Democrats. The actual numbers are probably worse. 🙂

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