A Thought Experiment

Pretend you are member of the armed forces out on the pointy end of the spear—a pilot, paratrooper, submariner, etc.—and you found out that your senior commander had promised to give a potential enemy commander advanced warning that you were being sent on an operation against him. How might this affect you confidence in your chain of command?

4 thoughts on “A Thought Experiment

  1. The original narrative was “Gosh, Trump was so nuts that his head general had to call the Chinese and tell them we were not going to attack.

    The real story is that the military might have taken away civilian control and oversight over military actions from the president because of politics. That can’t stand. Whether he acted alone or in a room full of other operatives, it cannot stand.

  2. As an old cold warrior, I don’t have to pretend, I can just remember. Back in the Obama days, I would have been very leery of one of my children joining the armed forces.

    Today, the only way a child of mine would join the military is over my dead body.

    No joke, man. Come on.

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