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11 September, 2013, fell on a Wednesday. On that day I post about why I Couldn’t Live in a Place That Small.

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SiteSuckerI had budgeted Tuesday of this week as a prep day for being in court today. I had planned to spend yesterday reviewing the claims that Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt had been making in order to have cogent responses for questions that might come my way at the trail. Even though the charges were dropped, I poked around some of the posts he’s had up on his sites, including the defunct ones. They’ve been archived. SiteSucker is a neat tool.

I’m not a gulton for punishment. I’ve tried to spend as little time as possible mucking about Schmalfeldt’s ravings, so, yesterday, I found some surprisingly … what’s a good word? … stupid? … bizarre? … wacko? … yeah, wacko … some surprisingly wacko stuff in his posts about the Maryland v. Schmalfeldt cases.

We’ve dealt with his lame excuses for @mentions and his lies about nefarious characters tricking him into @replies. Enough of that, already.

Let’s look at how he has gone on about hashtags. One of the things I complained of in my first Application for Statement of Charges was that he was using hashtags on Twitter as a surrogate way of addressing me. Here are my exact words:

Additionally, Schmalfeldt attempted to contact me indirectly by including #wjjhoge within a series of addresses in other tweets. Use of # (called a “hashtag” on Twitter) causes the message to archived under the subject of the hashtag. #wjjhoge tags tweets to an archive associated with my name.

It is not the use of a hashtag per se but Schmalfeldt’s particular and peculiar use a hashtag in a line of addresses that is the basis of my complaint. Now, see how the Cabin Boy twists that. In his A Picture is Worth 260 Blog Posts rant that he put up at 8:32 Monday evening on fighttherightradio dot com (now taken down), he wrote about

hashtag mentions of #BillSchmalfeldt, which Mr. Hoge SWORE UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY he believes are a backdoor way of attempting to contact me.

Huh? Once again, I have never claimed that the simple use of a hashtag on Twitter should be considered an attempt to contact the person who is the subject of the hashtag. What I asserted was that including a hashtag within a list of addresses was an attempt by the Cabin Boy to find a work around for his fixation with @mentions so that he could contact me without violating what he imagined the terms of the peace order to be. He sent tweets like this one, for example:

RadioWMS @cgable63 <– @AaronWorthing #wjjhoge @Kimberlinunmask @Patterico @rsmccain @Stranahan would he do that?// I am the father of your children.
7:07 PM – 6 Jul 13

That’s a subtle, but quit different, use of the hashtag compared to this, a more usual use—BSandChildPornFor the record, Schmalfeldt did eventually denounce child porn.

Do you see what he’s done? He lied about what I wrote and used that lie to try to hold me to a rule I never endorsed. He used a #wjjhoge hashtag in a odd way a dozen or so times, and I complained about it. That does not provide any justification for his absurd claims about my completely normal use of #BillSchmalfeldt.

And in any case, so what? Since I’ve never engaged in any harassment, I have no restrictions on my speech. The Cabin Boy has been adjudicated as a harasser.

We’ll take a look at some more of his wacko claims in a later post. I’ve had enough for now.

Stay tuned.

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My podcasting partner Stacy McCain has used the expression a few fries short of a Happy Meal to describe the Cabin Boy™, but that doesn’t really work as a physical description, does it?

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