Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

I spent some time yesterday evening nosing around in the older posts at the Kimberlin-related English-language Ukrainian news site empr dot media.* When I did a search on the term “Vindman,” I got a null response.

That seemed odd. Alexander Vindman was a born and Ukraine and was a key individual in one of the biggest international news stories of 2020, a story that involved the Presidents of both the U.S. and Ukraine. You’d think his name would have come up in the site’s coverage of the story. Vindman’s name is missing because any mention of the second Trump impeachment is missing.

I also couldn’t find any mention of Hunter Biden.

But there are several puff pieces about Joe Biden, including a post promoting a song called Dancing Hearts which celebrates the election of Joe Biden and Kamal Harris. The singer is Kelsie Kimberlin.


* The Dread Deadbeat Protector/Publisher Kimberlin change the legal name of his Velvet Revolution US not-for-profit to Protect Our Elections/EMPR Inc. in 2017. The IRS has since revoked the organization’s tax empt status, and it is no longer in good standing with the State of Maryland.

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