Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The main reason Team Kimberlin has lost every single LOLsuit they filed since 2012 is that both the facts and the law have been against them, but a close runner up was their mind-boggling incompetence as pro se litigants. This post from eight years ago today poked fun at #BillSchmalfeldt, Legal Genius.

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From tweets in my Twitter timeline and emails, I’m given to understand that Bill Schmalfeldt has received service on the Motion to Dismiss Petitioner’s Motion for Stay Pending Appeal filed by my lawyer. I’m told that he doesn’t like it. Now, that’s a shock—Schmalfeldt doesn’t like my lawyer’s defense of my position.

The mailman just delivered a copy for me a few minutes ago. It seems that Md Rule 8-425 states that the party filing for injunctive relief shall do so in the Circuit Court first before going to an appellate court. Since that isn’t the course the Sore Loserman has taken, Ms. Barnes has asked that his motion be dismissed.

Schmalfeldt filed his appeal with the wrong court. Now, it appears he’s filed a motion in the wrong court.

Acme Legal strikes again!


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