Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Operational security has never been a strong point for Team Kimberlin. One of the things that came out of the mass of extraneous material in various Kimberlin court filings was information relating the the connections between and among Brett Kimberlin, Breitbart Unmasked, Almighty Media, Fintel Associates, and other activities in the San Antonio area. At one point, someone filed an application with the State of Texas to form a business entity called Almighty Media only to withdraw the application the next business day.

Four years ago today, when Bill Schmalfeldt found out that members of the Vast Hogewash Research Organization were poking around in Austin and San Antonio, he sent a series of tweets that were the basis of this Don’t Know Much About Geography post. It was hurricane Harvey that stuck Texas that week.

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Map reading seems to be another non-existent skill for the Cabin Boy™.There’s no particular reason for the Cabin Boy™ to have a reasonable hope that any Texas state records will be destroyed by the hurricane now moving into the state. The latest predictions show that Austin is on the edge of the very low probability zone for hurricane force winds.Indeed, while the official forecast for Austin for the next few days includes the possibility of a tropical storm, the probability of rain over the weekend never exceeds 80 percent.Of course, anyone in the possible path of the storm should take proper precautions, but no Hill Country Lickspittles have been put on alert.

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The almightymedia dot org web domain registration was renewed earlier this month, but there is no website. That’s probably a wise choice.

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