Afghanistan’s Future

I’m seeing posts around the Interwebz saying the Taliban will drag Afghanistan back to the 15th century. I believe that it’s more likely the country will wind up stuck in one of the uglier corners of the 21st.

Badakhshan Province sits along the ancient Silk Road and shares a border with China. I expect that China will begin an economic invasion within a few weeks or months. So far, the Chinese have modeled their economic imperialism less on the Europeans and more on the Ferengi, but I expect that Afghans’ unwillingness to be dominated by outsiders will cause the Chinese to be sucked into the same black hole that devoured British, Russian, and American resources over the past couple of centuries. (Note: The last successful conqueror of Afghanistan was Genghis Khan.)

Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Afghanistan’s Future

  1. I am going to bet that the ChiComs will successfully buy off the head thugs in Badakhshan Province as well as mollify the 7th century, cave-dwelling troglodytes in the Taliban. They have proven themselves fairly open to bribes. So, if the ChiComs don’t overplay their hand to get what they want, they may achieve their economic goals.

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