I Blame Bush

There is no question Joe Xiden owns the catastrophic nature of our exit from Afghanistan. He can’t dodge that. However, the failure of the entire enterprise was predetermined years ago by George W. Bush when he failed either to limit the mission to a brief punitive expedition (as against Mexican bandits in 1916) or to conduct a successful war of total destruction of the enemy (as against Germany and Japan in WW2).

What is essential in war is victory, not prolonged operations.

—Sun Tzu

4 thoughts on “I Blame Bush

  1. Bush made 3 huge mistakes:
    He made that snake in the grass* colin powell SOS.
    He turned Iraq over to the tender mercies of the state department before the army rebuilding plan was even getting started let alone finished.
    He listened to some real bad advice and turned the campaign in Afghanistan over to the regular army from the Special forces.

    *Only a snake in the grass would protect one of his “people” at the cost of an innocent man going to prison.

  2. You’re absolutely right to blame it on starting badly. As for the consequences, it seems pretty straghtforward..

    If Biden reversed the withdrawal and pushed for staying in Afghanistan, he’d be claimed to be a warmonger keeping America involved in a forever war. Heard the talking heads claim he’d do that over and over again.

    Now that they’ve been wrong, they’re going with option #2.

    For sticking with the withdrawal and the resulting collapse, Biden’s a horrible person who lead to the collapse of a country, and owns the ensuing crisises, who deserves no credit for ending involvement, as I’m hearing over and over again from the same people who called him a warmonger, often only days or weeks ago.

    Was there any right choice there? I truly don’t know what should have been done. What I see is that Biden’ll be used as a scapegoat for everything bad, while being credited with nothing, even in a situation where he did something completely different to what he was claimed to be going to do six months ago.

    • Just for the record, you still haven’t apologized for taking a giant dump on the victims of violence that your side’s extreme-left radicals committed. As someone who effectively supports such violence, you are complicit in it, and share the blame.

      This speaks to your character and truthfulness on all matters. Not that I care what you supposedly think. I DO care about what you support. Please stay out of my country, thanks.

  3. Pish tosh. Our glorious Chinese overlords will soon turn everything right.

    Or turn everything into a parking lot. Either way I’m satisfied the amoral foreign policy of Chiner will succeed in extracting the precious mineral resources in Afghanistan, the only real reason for anybody to be there in the first place.

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