False Charge Against Christina Pushaw Dropped

The first order of business this morning in Courtroom 513 at the District Courthouse in Rockville, Maryland, was the entering of nolle prosequi motions by the State’s Attorney’s Office. The false charge of failure to obey a temporary peace order filed by Rebekah Jones against Christiana Pushaw was among the cases dropped. According to a spokesman for the State’s Attorney, there was no evidence to support the charge.

UPDATE—The only other people who were in the courtroom other than me when I witnessed the charge being dropped were an Assistant State’s Attorney, Judge Moffett, the clerk, and a bailiff. Rebekah Jones was not there. The case was not going forward, so her “testimony” was not necessary.

UPDATE 2—The State v. Pushaw case has been expunged.

8 thoughts on “False Charge Against Christina Pushaw Dropped

    • Wow.

      You know that movie “The Fly” that was remade with Jeff Goldblum in the 80s, where Jeff was merged with a fly, and horror ensues?

      I think the reverse has happened with Bill Schmalfeldt, and he’s been split into deranged cyber “activist” Rebekah Jones and deranged cyber “journalist” Grant Stern.

      What? It could happen!

  1. Since the Court was a nothing burger, I hope our genial blog host at least had a good lunch in Rockville.

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