MUSIC: Theme. Intro and fade under.

NARRATOR: Ladies and gentlemen, the story you are about to hear is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

MUSIC: Up, then under …

NARRATOR: You’re a Detective Sergeant. You’re assigned to Internet Detail. A public figure awaiting trial for cyberharassment and hacking has accused a writer of violating a peace order. Your job … get the facts.

MUSIC: Up then under …

ANNOUNCER: Blognet … the documented drama of an actual case. For the next few minutes, in cooperation with the Twitter Town Sheriff’s Department, you will travel step by step on the side of the good guys through an actual case transcribed from official files. From beginning to end, from crime to punishment, Blognet is the story of the good guys in action.

MUSIC: Up and out.

SOUND: Footsteps on sidewalk.

FRIDAY: It was Firiday, August 13th. It was a hot and humid in the Westminster. We had just finished our shift on the day watch out of Internet Detail. My partner’s Liz Smith. The Boss is Twitter Town Sheriff W. J. J. Hoge. My name’s Friday. It was 5:22 pm as we entered our usual after work hangout.

SOUND: Door opens and closes. Quite restaurant background up. Jukebox playing oldies. Footsteps across room.

PINKY: Hey, guys. Welcome to the weekend.

SOUND: Chairs pulled out.

SMITH: Yeah, I’m ready for it. It’s been a quiet week, mostly, but still a bit of a grind.

JOHN: Yeah, but at least one of the cases came to closure.

BRAIN: Which one?

JOHN: The Zones v. Puller peace order kerfuffle.

BRAIN: I thought the petition was denied months ago.

FRIDAY: It was, but Zones also filed a criminal complaint for violation of the temporary order.

PINKY: But the temporary order was never served.

JOHN: Yep, and its a basic rule that you can’t disobey an order you’ve never been given.

WAITRESS: Hi, Liz, Joe! The usual?

FRIDAY: Yes. Cream and sugar.

LIZ: I don’t have to drive tonight. A Corona with lime.

WAITRESS: Anyone else?

JOHN: No, I’m fine.

WAITRESS: I’ll be right back.

FRIDAY: Any way, Zones should have known the case was doomed.

PINKY: How’s that?

FRIDAY: OK, I’ll be the one to say it. Today is Friday the 13th.

MUSIC: Stinger

SMITH: That’s not the only reason that she should have known the case was dead. It’s general policy in Maryland not to pursue a failure to obey a peace order charge when the final order has been denied. There have to be serious aggravating circumstances that weren’t present here.

JOHN: That and the fact that she wasn’t sent a subpoena by the State as a witness.

BRAIN: But her mob on Twitter have been spinning all sorts of tales about plea bargains and nolo contendre pleas.

SMITH: But she hasn’t been doing it on Twitter because Twitter has had enough sense to ban her.

PINKY: I wonder what effect this will have on her run for Congress.

FRIDAY: Time will tell, but she’ll keep at it until Reality catches up to her.


FRIDAY: Grifting grifters gotta grift.

SOUND: Quite restaurant background and jukebox out.

NARRATOR: On August 13, a hearing was held in the District Court for Montgomery County on the charge of disobeying a peace order in the case of State v. Puller. In a moment the results of that hearing.

MUSIC: Stinger.

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NARRATOR: On August 13th, a hearing was held in the District Court for Montgomery County on the charge of disobeying a peace order in the case of State v. Puller. The State’s Attorney dropped the charge for lack of any evidence. The case has been expunged.

MUSIC: Theme up and under.

ANNOUNCER: You have just heard Blognet, a series of authentic cases from official files. Technical advice comes from the office of the Twitter Town Sheriff’s Department.

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