Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

It took a while, but Team Kimberlin eventually figured out that their attempts to threaten and harass me were doomed to failure. While they were still on that learning curve, I received An Odd Phone Call that I wrote about eight years ago today.

* * * * *

A bit after 7:30 this evening, our landline phone rang. The Caller ID showed a local number rather than one of the spam callers who ignore the Do Not Call Registry, so I answered. It was some guy who said he had the wrong number, that the girl he had met in the bar had given it to him, and that I didn’t sound like her.

The call seemed weird, so after I hung up, I checked the incoming number again. (410) 857-0868. My old fax number. I called it back and received a disconnected number machine intercept.


Yes, folks, we’re home tonight. We’ll save some dessert for any visitors.


The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office is waiting for your call. Operators are standing by. (410) 386-2900.

* * * * *

Long on talk, short on action. Nothing happened that evening.

We wound up eating the slices of pie we had saved for responding deputies for breakfast the next morning.

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