Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Although The Dread Deadbeat Performer Kimberlin was never able to use his Justice Through Music Project not-for-profit to launch a music career for himself, he continues to use his Protect Our Elections/EMPR Inc. propaganda website empr dot media in his role as The Dread Deadbeat Promoter Kimberlin. He’s published several puff pieces about music videos by “Ukrainian – American singer Kelsie Kimberlin.”

Here are a couple of snippets from a recent post, Lviv Opera hosted Masterpiece (no, I won’t link to it):

To stress the urgency & importance of acting on our planet’s behalf immediately, Kelsie Kimberlin’s brand-new video supporting “Masterpiece” shows the beauty of our world in full bloom through the spectacular scenery available on location where it was filmed outside in the splendor of Kyiv, Ukraine, and within the artistic walls of its legendary Opera House in Lviv.

… and …

By reminding us all from sight to sound that the true wonders of the world are right there in front of us for all to enjoy, Kelsie has insightfully detailed a thought-provoking experience designed to stimulate discussion, awareness, and create the inspiration required for one & all to genuinely embrace and be proud of their responsibility to protect planet Earth. With wildly cinematic visuals and a full storyline video that has Kimberlin dreaming out loud & sounding as fantastic as ever through her brilliantly crafted lyricism, classic vibes, and remarkably passionate voice – “Masterpiece” is every bit as much of a work of art in what listeners will hear, as what viewers will see.

Both of those paragraphs are lifted from the promotional release put out by ActUpPublishing. Yesterday afternoon, the State of Maryland’s business entity search website showed this—At the end of an earlier post about the use of empr dot media to promote Miss Kimberlin career, I wrote the following:

In the past, I have avoided referring to Miss Kimberlin by name when she was a part the narrative in a post because she was a minor child. However, she is now 21 and promoting herself as a performer. I now feel free to write about her to the extent that she makes herself a public person. She has had a rough start in life as a child. I wish her well and hope that she finds a happy, rewarding, and productive future as an adult.

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