The Inner Party v. The Apparent Inner Party

For several months I’ve been saying that Andrew Cuomo is toast because he he is no longer seen as a asset by the Inner Party. Now, at first glance it would seem that a state governor would be an Inner Party member, and he is in a nominal sense, but he’s not really a member of The Inner Party. Don Surber has a post up that explains why.

Cuomo’s problem is not sexual harassment. His problem is Democrats see him as a threat if he chooses to run for president.

Democrats in Washington want no part of playing second fiddle to an outsider. They had their fill of outsiders as presidents with Bill Clinton. Democrat senators want the White House all to themselves. In the 6 presidential elections since Clinton, Democrats have nominated a senator or former senator for president and vice president each time.

Governors need not apply.

Congressional Democrats can control a Biden or an Obama.

Cuomo would be a wildcard.

Cuomo’s power base is outside Washington. There’s a Democrat who will take over as governor when he’s ousted. He’s toast.

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