Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The TKPOTD for eight years ago today took a look at Team Kimberlin attempt to have an effective web presence.

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IP address hosts 32 domains.184_171_169_170

The Gentle Reader may draw his own conclusions as to what connections might exist between these domains and their various owners.

Oh, one more thing … the IP address belongs to a server in The Netherlands that hosts a bunch of porn and other shady sites as well as these two domains:94_102_55_132


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The Justice Through Music Project web site and Breitbart Unmasked haven’t had any new material for over two years. Velvet Revolution US has had its name changed to Protect Our Elections/EMPR. Bits of the old VRUS site still lurk on the web, but much of the Protect Our Elections site has been memory-holed. The EuroMaidan PR site continues to limp along. AFAICT, the rest of the sites are defunct.

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