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I’ve been following Brett Kimberlin’s attempt to have some of his Speedway Bombing convictions set aside. Yesterday, I posted the appeal brief he filed on Wednesday. He also filed a second request for the court to provide him with a freebie lawyer to handle oral argument in the case. Of course, the court can rule on just the written record and filings. Indeed, most appeals are considered without a hearing.

I found paragraph 13 interesting. If Kimberlin and his wife are getting by on only about $32 k a year, who’s paying for all those trips to Ukraine to produce music video—or producing the music videos for that matter?

Paragraph 14 begins, “An attorney would not only represent Appellant but would also effectively and ethically present the facts and the law to this Court.” It’s puzzling why Kimberlin is asking for an ethical presentation of the facts and law when that’s clearly against his interest. OTOH, he hasn’t had a very good record as a pro se litigator. We’ll see how the court rules on his motion.

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