I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

The Daily Caller has a post up with this headline: State Department Asks UN To Send Experts To US To Help Them End ‘Systemic Racism’

Secretary of State Antony Blinken gave the United Nations a “formal, standing invitation” to send human rights experts to the U.S. in order to address “systemic racism” in a press release sent out Tuesday.

Systemic Racism is properly defined as the sort of racism which must exist when there is no evidence to support the existence of racism. It’s reasonable, I suppose, to look to the UN for expertise in “addressing” non-existent problems.

Meanwhile, the current President of the UN Human Rights Council is from Fiji, so it may be that her experience from a nation with a recent history of a voting system that heavily favored ethnic Fijians at the expense of the multi-ethnic minorities and of a government which suspended the constitution, arresting and detaining opponents, will be useful to the Xiden administration.

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  1. Proponents of critical race theory believe that a person’s skin color determines how that person should be treated by society.

    The KKK believed the same thing.

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