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Brett Kimberlin is a liar. The TKPOTD for eight years ago today cites on example.

* * * * *

Brett Kimberlin has been caught telling lies many times. When his biographer Mark Singer asked him about a particular item, he told Singer that he had admonished someone else about lying.

The notion of Kimberlin admonishing anybody not to lie both amused and galvanized me; I had no choice but to retrieve from storage the transcript of Sandi’s testimony. On pages 4532 and 4561, I located the colloquy that confirmed what the Chicago Reporter and the Indianapolis News had reported. Confronting the naked evidence of this particular deception left me feeling momentarily deflated, if not downright insulted. Did Kimberlin think I was stupid? Getting an appointment at the federal archive proved a mild inconvenience, transcript copies cost fifty cents a page, and I had to hire someone in Chicago to go to the archive and pick up the pages—but I’d had rougher days at the office. Did he think I was lazy? How could I maintain my presumption of his innocence, or my refusal to acknowledge his guilt, if he insisted on lobbing fat juicy ones in the vicinity of my overhand smash? What next—a confession? Hardly likely, I reassured myself. This had been a glaring lapse by Brett, but as long as I remained in character—a talented amateur, never quite able to see into the heart of the game—we could keep the rally going.

Citizen K, p. 327

I don’t know if Brett Kimberlin thinks other folks are stupid so much as he believes that he is enough smarter than the average bear that he can spin yarns that won’t be seen through. But some people are not only smart, they’re industrious enough to search for documents. And these days it doesn’t take much google-fu to find out a lot of stuff about someone.

Mark Singer caught Brett Kimberlin in so many lies that he concluded that Kimberlin’s story about selling marijuana to Dan Quayle was a lie too. But that should be no surprise. Perjurers tell lies.

* * * * *

Brett Kimberlin has sued me four times claiming that my truthful reporting about him was defamatory. He lost all four times.

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