OK, This Trips Over Godwin’s Law …

… but I believe the Battle of the Bulge is an apt historical analogy to some things happening now.

There’s a post over at the Federalist with polling data about the lack of support for teaching critical race theory in the Loudon and Fairfax County schools. The parents’ opposition to CRT in those counties is not unique; indeed, most parents in most jurisdictions oppose inflicting CRT on their children. So why are so many school districts in such a rush to add it to their curricula?

I believe that they’re doing it for the same reason that the Democrats in the House and Senate are trying to jam as much of their wish through as quickly as possible, even if they have to get rid of rules that that they normally value when they can use them to protect their own interests. Their present tactical situation is analogous to that faced by Field Marshal von Rundstedt in January, 1945.

The Democrats’ breakthrough in the 2020 presidential election achieved a level of surprise not unlike von Rundstedt’s breakthrough in the Ardennes. However, the Democrats’ failure to secure adequate victories in state and local elections and their razor thin margins in Congress have left them overextended and unsupported much like Army Group B found itself as the battle progressed.

Von Rundstedt’s attack disrupted the Allied advance, but he didn’t make it all the way to Antwerp. The Democrats’ winning the presidency is disrupting the economic and regulatory advances of the previous four years, but they are unlikely to make to 2023 in control of either house of the Congress.

Blue states are losing House seats. The Democrats aren’t going to control reapportionment. Many Leftists can see that the 2022 election will likely flip both the House and the Senate back to Republican control. The next two years may be the Left’s last chance to enact items from their wish lists, and they seem ready to offend enough voters to guarantee their defeat in 2022 to pass those laws and regulations.

Half-baked planning led to half-baked results at the polls. Inadequate legislative control led to desperation. Desperation is leading to overreach.

The next couple of years are likely to be very ugly.

UPDATE—A minor edit to spread the blame. (H/T, @SumEgroMonstro)

3 thoughts on “OK, This Trips Over Godwin’s Law …

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  2. Basing your assumptions on a false premise is no way to predict the future. The surprise was that a massive fraud operation could be conducted with so little opposition or resistance. But the RINOs had the knifes out.

    So if the Dems were able to steal the election why should future elections be honest? Ergo the Dems will retain both chambers because the Stupid Party is incapable of sane programs. Yet the author tells us of the likihood of the Stupid Party winning both chambers back. Based on what? Biden’s inability to field a bridge table did not stop his gaining 980 million votes right-look a unicorn and dragon both carrying a BLM/antifa sign voted for Biden. Yeah nothing says landslide like DC being occupied by 20,000 troops, some who are still there.

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