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Maybe it’s a Montgomery County thing to try to have someone arrested on a false charge of violating a peace order. It was nine years ago yesterday that Brett Kimberlin’s false complaint cause Aaron Walker to be arrested, booked, and jailed for a few hours. Nine years ago today, I posted this: Aaron Walker’s Arrest—Early Edition.

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Patterico has a good analysis which untangles some of the gnarly mess of the reporting about yesterday’s farce. Read it. All the way through. At the end, he recommends reading David Hogberg’s eye witness report of the hearing.

Brett Kimberlin and his allies are acting as if they have a winning strategy. He was lucky yesterday to draw an elderly judge who doesn’t seem to understand the Internet, blogging, or social media. I doubt that his luck will hold out. IANAL, but it looks as if Walker should prevail on appeal. We need to support him and the other bloggers being abused by Kimberlin and his friends.

The donation web site is here. [Expired link.]

UPDATE–Glenn Reynolds (JD, Yale, 1985) notes:

Walker also made a major error by representing himself. No lawyer should do that in anything more than a minor traffic offense. This goes double for Yale Law grads. . . .

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Judge Vaughey was not only overruled on appeal, he wound up being reprimanded by the Commission of Judicial Disabilities.

And Kimberlin has lost all of this anti-free-speech LOLsuits and all his appeals since 2012.

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