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Team Kimberlin tell lies, and as this Prevarication Du Jour from six years ago shows, some of them are pointless and mindlessly stupid.

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@GrouchyOldLib201505202225ZThe Cabin Boy™ hears all sorts of things. Sometimes they’re from such questionable sources as The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin. Other times, I’m not sure of the source of the voices he says he’s hearing.

BTW, if anyone does need to look up my contact information at Goddard, I’m listed as William J. Hoge.

I’m not sure what the Cabin Boy’s™ purpose is for spinning such outrageous stories, unless he is trying establish a sterling reputation for making it up as he goes along and a proven track record for being wrong.

UPDATE—Why make you have to search for the info? Here’s my current listing in the NASA Directory.Hoge NED

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My work at Goddard still constitutes the bulk of my day job. (Hogewash! is run as a business, but the resulting income is trivial compared to my engineering work.) I’ve enjoyed working on a wide variety of projects for NASA. As part of those projects, I’ve designed ultra-quiet power systems for an x-ray telescope and the analog portion of the refrigeration system for another x-ray telescope that maintained the instrument’s detector at 0.05 degrees above absolute zero (± 0.000001 degree). I’ve designed GPS receivers for use in orbits out beyond the GPS satellite constellation. Presently, I’m working on the control electronics for a robot arm that will be used on a satellite that services other satellites and on the control electronics for a scanning LIDAR intended for use on robotic and remotely piloted spacecraft.

During my 21 years with Goddard, I retired twice. The first time was in 2013 when Mrs. Hoge began working on a degree in Landscape Architecture. I was 65-1/2 and decided to play househusband. After about six months, I was asked to return to help with some design issues on a weather satellite’s power system. I retired again after my wife’s cancer diagnosis to help get her treatment under way. Again, I was asked to return after about six months. I’ve been back ever since.

IIRC, Bill Schmalfeldt hasn’t been asked to return to any of the jobs from which he has “retired.”

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  1. Schmalfeldt probably gets the sort of recommendation I’ve warned HR students to watch out for — “You’ll never know how much we miss him.”

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