Congratulations Are In Order

Governor Ron DeSantis has selected Christina Pushaw to be his new press secretary.

The Gentle Reader may remember that Ms. Pushaw has been attacked with a bogus peace order petition by Rebekah Jones. Jones was annoyed by Ms. Pushaw’s well-document reporting about Jones’ false claim to be a whistleblower.

2 thoughts on “Congratulations Are In Order

  1. Congratulations are definitely in order. Rebekah Jones was awarded WHISTLEBLOWER status today!

    • Of course, that simply means that she is raising an issue outside of normal channels. While it does protect her from retaliation for raising the issue, it does not shield her from prosecution for any violations of law.

      It is not a finding either way on the merits regarding the issues she raised.

      Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Given that Jones has produced no credible evidence to support her extraordinary claims, I believe she’s lying.

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