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This Prevarication Du Jour first ran four years ago today.

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This is kinda like watching a cat trying to cover things up on a marble floor.The Gentle Reader can check the previous PDJ and verify that I did not write that I have not received the Cabin Boy’s™ address. I made no statement as to whether he had yet provided his correct address.

For the record, my google-fu was sufficient to determine that he had given a false address to the court, to locate the extended-stay hotel he was probably moving into, and to use the hotel’s website to determine the correct address—and I did so within minutes of returning from the Post Office after the automated kiosk I use for late night mailings gagged on the address he had given. I was able to verify the address I found online when the Cabin Boy™ finally sent me some mail with a correct return address.

Gentle Reader, who has lied?

* * * * *

I’m not sure which is worse—his reading comprehension or his story telling.

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