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Four year ago today, I ran an episode of Yours Truly, Johnny Atsign that really seemed to get under Bill Schmalfeldt’s skin. I published this Prevarication Du Jour in response to his Twitter tirade.

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For some reason, the Cabin Boy™ is tweeting that he gave his new address to the Circuit Court during the hearing on 5 May. He gave an address, but it was not correct. According to the notes taken by the clerk, he gave the wrong street name and the wrong street number. My notes agree with the clerk’s, and I have used that address for service of court papers. So has the court. It will be interesting to see if the USPS can suss out how to deliver that mail to the Cabin Boy™.

Also, my notes from the hearing do not record the Cabin Boy™ giving the name of the extended-stay hotel that is located at the return address on the mail he sent me last week. He did tell the court on the day of the hearing that he was “in transit” and staying in a Motel 6, but he did not divulge even the type of accommodations to which he intended to move.

Schmalfeldt may want to dust off that letter he sent to Judge Grimm in 2014.Of course, the Cabin Boy’s™ recent activities may mean that he’ll have to modify his pitch somewhat, but given his behavior over the last couple of weeks, the judge might buy the bit about dementia.

UPDATE—Before the Cabin Boy™ spools up for one of his famous Feltdowns on the Twitterz, he should go to the Maryland Judiciary Case Search website and check the address the court has on file for him.

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Lying liars gotta lie.

Lousy liars get caught.

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