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On Monday, I put up a post about getting The Right Answer from the Wrong Argument. I received this comment in a email from one of the Gentle Readers named Mary Pat Campbell, and I believe it’s worth sharing:

I am happy that you address what Stacy wrote. I have the same perspective as you, being a run-of-the-mill Catholic. My own degrees are in math & physics, and I loved quantum mechanics… and some asked me how I could reconcile that with being a believing Catholic. My response: who am I to tell God how to order the universe?

We were given reason to figure out how God has ordered creation, not to make aesthetic critiques of those choices.

Separately, I do find it grimly amusing that those who take the (translated) words of Genesis literally usually don’t do the same thing when considering Jesus saying “This is my body”.

Ms. Campbell and I most likely have different understandings of what Jesus meant when He said, “This is my body,” but I bet we both are thankful that God is doing something wonderful for us in ways we can’t completely understand.

5 thoughts on “Updating An Earlier Post

  1. I am going to play by Ms. Campbell’s rules she laid out in her email.

    I find it grimly amusing that there are those who believe that Mary was the “Mother of God”.

    You see, it’s the smugness and dismisiveness of those who feel that their knowledge is the only way and anyone who questions your scientific “dogma of the day” is guilty of “psuedoscience”.

    You go ahead and put your faith in science. I will put my faith in a Creator God who made things GOOD without the need of trial and error.

    • My faith isn’t in Science.

      The most important sentence in all the writings in the world is this—”In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” All truth flows from that. Indeed, the rest of the Bible is commentary explaining that statement and its consequences.

      My faith tells me that everything in the Bible is true, but it also tells me that the Bible doesn’t tell me every mundane thing that is true. Experience and reason can lead us to understanding additional true things not dealt with in the Bible.

      People who misunderstand either the Bible or Science or both wind up seeing conflicts where none really exist.

    • You seem to want to argue for the sake of arguing. And you are quick to insult, especially on a statement that you may not even understand. It seems you may not fully comprehend “Theotokos” but feel free to opine and insult others on something you may well misunderstand yourself.

      A little more Christian Charity would do us all good.

      • War Eagle, the point I was trying to make was that Ms. Campbell was insulting and laughing at Christians whom she thinks can’t distinguish allegory. I was insulted by the comment she had made and in turn “gave her a dose of her own medicine”.
        I assure you I am not “arguing for the sake of argument”. There are certain issues I am passionate about and this is one of them. My sincerest apologies to you for any offense that you have taken from my post.
        If you will look at my other posts on the original article you will see that I have given Mr. Hoge respect for his posts.
        In closing, you are so right in that a little more Christian charity would do us all good.
        God Bless you and yours.


  2. There is a lot I could say, especially about reason, but for brevity’s sake I will say, in the general sense “Agreed”.

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