Meanwhile, in Portland …

… armed BLM/Antifa thugs blocked a road on Thursday afternoon and opened fired on drivers who tried to get though their blockade.

So what’s next for Portland? I doubt that the thugs will back down, and I doubt that the city has enough of an effective police force remaining to engage in a gang war with the thugs. Of course, the Oregon National Guard is reasonably well stocked with veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan who’ve faced down rebels with AK-47s before. However, they’re not trained for civil policing, and Governor Brown may lack the will to commit the State Police and/or National Guard,

The situation isn’t stable, and if the city doesn’t right itself quickly and many people begin to take active measures to protect themselves, I expect the what remains of civilization in Portland will disappear.

I hope I’m wrong.


3 thoughts on “Meanwhile, in Portland …

  1. Portland police are handcuffed by the mayor, Ted Wheeler.

    Portland (Multnomah County) has a DA, Mike Schmidt, who refuses to prosecute Antifa. He’s a full blown Progressive whom local media have spent zero time examining. Nor have Schmidt’s policy fallouts/failures been published-

    Portland Media? The Oregonian ( is hands off to the extent they can be. More than mildly sympathetic but casually so.

    Antifa have very successfully shut down ALL media access to their DIRECT ACTION (Riot) events held almost nightly. No ‘The Oregonian’ reporters or photogs are onhand. Antifa destruction is reported, antiseptically, almost third hand. “Portland police declared a riot last night where multiple fires were set and lots of windows were broken.” Portlands’ major newspaper literally writes its stories from police reporting. Because The Oregonian knows if their people are in the streets with the rioters Antifa will kick their asses. Antifa has said so. The Oregonian knows so. The Press cowers. Which makes them cowards. That’s right. I said it. ‘Tis true.

    Willamette Week is actively pro-Antifa. Collaborationist. Somehow, I guess it’s because their reporters and editors know nothing of history and they seem to think the shark won’t turn on them after the city has been burned to the ground.

    The only honest reporting comes from Andy Ngo ( ) and he reports remotely because he was run out of town by Antifa. Portland city officials did NOTHING to stand with Andy. The Feds, under Trump, didn’t either. Biden? His DOJ is working hard to let skate last years rioters. About half have been let go so far- More… All? To follow in weeks and months to come. These are people who started fires at federal buildings.

    Ask yourself what good is a justice system that springs people setting fires, breaking windows and assaulting police officers?

    The people of Portland? They voted for this. Voted for Wheeler. Voted for Schmidt. Voted for Biden. And are getting it good and hard. More to come. More fires, more broken windows, the beatings and the occasional death. The core of downtown is boarded up. Anecdotal reports indicate insurance rates are rocketing for businesses located in Portland city-center. As of last October, 20 businesses closed and 80 retail locations weren’t occupied.

    Any citizen defending themselves against Antifa, by pointing a weapon, much less using it will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. There’s a lot of law.

    Anonymity, in our full surveillance society, is impossible. Law Enforcement knows exactly who all these little LARP assholes are. But has chosen not to do anything about them; see Mayor and DA above. DOJ didn’t move against Portland rioters last summer when they had the opportunity. Likely a combination of Trump ineptness plus Barr’s… What? Not ineptness. Antipathy? Don’t know.

    But. If YOU as a private citizen defend yourself by shooting one or more bloc-clad miscreants YOU will be charged. IF you run over one or more assholes surrounding and blocking your car on a pubic street you’ll be answering to the Portland police. Know also there are cameras everywhere. Everywhere. And in all places downtown. And at all entrances and exits in to and out of downtown.

    The People can do nothing. Else they’ll face the full force of Local/State/Federal Law (not-) Enforcement.

    This sucks.

    • I found this article that’s about how extreme-left thugs control the reporting on themselves:

      It’s absolutely stunning that there aren’t more outlets telling the public this is how the sausage is being made. At least, it’s stunning until you realize virtually the whole media, even many local outlets, are just a tool the left uses to destroy its political opponents. While lying out of one side of their mouths that they “support free speech,” the presstitutes are actively siding with genocidal communist thugs. Very little of what the extreme-left thugs are doing would have been possible without massive political cooperation by the “moderate” left at all levels. They are complicit in everything that’s happened because of this. Under what circumstances should any of this be forgiven?

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