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Brett Kimberlin is trying to get some of his Speedway Bomber convictions set aside via an appeal to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. He wants the court to assign a lawyer to handle his case for free.

Well, it’s certainly true that a qualified lawyer would do an infinitely better job than The Dread Deadbeat Pro-Se Kimberlin in presenting an ethical case to the court

I’m keeping an eye on this case.

Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Sigh.

    Multiple problems here. Including, but neither comprehensive, complete or exhaustive:

    – Brett Kimberlin continues to put a helluva’ lot time and effort into overturning past court cases. I can’t figure out why. He’s 70, plus or minus a bit (minus, but not by much, I think-). In his perfect world, what’s Kimby’s end game? Total and complete exoneration on the Speedway Bombings? And where does that lead? Remuneration from FedGov? Really? Let’s say he gets absolution for crimes determined… How many years, thereafter, to get compensated? I’ve said it before: Dude is driven.

    – “Appellant is not an attorney and needs competent counsel…” Consonant with “I”m just a Pro Se and therefore I should be granted leeway (to lie, forge documents, ignore procedure., etc.)” So why are we talking? And taking up court time? Public resources, scarcity and all that. There are multiple reasons why I don’t, and can’t pitch for The Yankees or quarterback The Bucs. And I’m not indulged in court for questioning why. But Maryland.

    – Brettster attacks hypnosis NOT on it’s witchcraftery aspect, which is what I would have done, BUT on the personal relationships between those involved in the case. I can only conclude that ‘hypnosis’ has been adjudicated somewhere else in law. Likely multiple places. Tactical error? But I do think he has a point on personal relationships here. Not that’s enough to overturn, IMHO-

    – El Brett posits a juror lied during voir dire. I hope that his soft-spoken Imminence is consistent in likewise thinking this is problematic in the recent Chauvin conviction. But I suspect not. Methinks, however, that I’ll agree with him that a witness with undisclosed relationships (potentially biased-) is problematic.

    – The Kimbernator notes “…microscopic hair analysis…” is problematic. He reaches in from the future to abjure court decisions years past. I myself hate temporal bigotry; judging past issues by todays standards. Kimberlin has always demonstrated a tendency towards Calvin-Ball rules. When it suits him. I also note this contradicts a decade or so episodes of NCIS.

    – Dont’ know you’re a convicted felon after being convicted? Right. I assume there’s court paperwork adjudicating status. But, then again, I’m just a poor Pro Se. Juvenile. Yeah. Whatever. You’ve been served. Convicted. And notified. Jail time and all that not withstanding. Nah- Withstanding.

    – Separate charges for explosives and also for blasting caps? Separate? For each? I assume there’s separate statutory law for each. But what do I know? I’m not even a poor Pro Se. Legal IS happy to pile on MULTIPLE separate charges for the same offense: and I view that with concern. But to combine the separate charges complaint with the aforementioned hair analysis gripe… I dunno’, man- Seems non-sequitur to me. Might oughta’ get a little better at this lawyering-thing. After all, Brett, you’ve filed hundreds… Aw. Never mind. But you should have figured some of this shit out by now.

    – AND FINALLY, El Kimbo provides insight in to his finances. I’ve been saying all along, ‘Follow the money.’ Kimberlins’ cost structure can’t possibly be reconciled with his reported income. Here we go:

    * What’s his house costing him? How much is financed? Estimated house payments?

    * House insurance. Car insurance. Health care insurance? Monthly utilities? These costs are ones all the rest of us pay. Court costs? Oops- Most of the rest of us don’t have those, but, not tough to document what Brett spends yearly to harass others FILING FEES AT MINIMUM.

    * State taxes on El Casa Brett. Are you kidding me? North East Estados Unidos (little Spanish lingo, there) has pretty high property taxes- Right? $10K? $8.5K? Per year? Just subtract that from the bottom line of $32K Kimby just declared to the court. Zillow will provide estimated taxes. And then he has to pay for food. Also. After ultiities, insurance, etc.

    Wouldn’t be tough to prove to the court the ’sOMbitch’ (ref Stacy McCain for southern accent) has flat out lied to the court. Nothing new, there but- Maryland. Where the judges don’t care.

    Mr. H- Please feel free to NOT post my screed. Oh, hell- It’s your blog and I’m totally cool with that. But I’m also conscious, as ever, to not educate the midget. Your words, as I recall-

    I note you’ve lately made a change to holding comments in abeyance pending review. I get that. Having observed you for quite a while now I know that you know far more about what’s going on with all these miscreants than you publish.

    Even so. Here’s what would be interesting:

    + Schmalfeldt has, wisely, mostly withdrawn from the Public. But does he still watch you? I assume so. I enjoyed you publishing your logs.

    + Likewise Brett. He watches.

    + You haven’t stated your end game. All past actions have been, presumably, recorded on the internet for posterity. Brett Kimberlin is infamous. And always will be. Other than current Kimbish-events; a la this latest appeal… Why bother with history daily?

    Admiringly yours-

    • Remuneration from FedGov?

      I would say that IF he wins and gets some cash, the Feds direct deposit it into the DeLong family account.

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