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We can put one more mark in Brett Kimberlin’s loss column.

One of the LOLsuits to which Brett Kimberlin was tangentially connected via his Protect Our Elections operation was the Public Citizen v. FEC case. Six years ago, Hogewash! ran a post about Public Citizen, et al. v. Federal Election Commission, et al. which showed how Kimberlin was tied to the suit. On 17 March, 2021, summary judgment was granted in favor of the defendants. The 2015 post is below, followed by the recent summary judgment order.

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There’s been some questions about that FEC case The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin keeps referring to in some of his court filings. Here’s theĀ caption of the original complaint:CaptionThe case number is 14-CV-148. The suit alleges that the Federal Election Commission didn’t properly investigate spending by Karl Rove’s organization Crossroad GPS.ECF 1-7Brett Kimberlin’s connections to the case are vial ProtectOurElections dot org (which is one of the Justice Through Music Project/VelvetRevolution.US fundraising websites) and Kevin Zeese (who TDPK has described as legal counsel to his organizations).ECF 1-11ECF 1-13Currently, there is a pending motion for summary judgment filed by Crossroads GPS which has joined the case as an intervenor/defendant. That motion was fully briefed as of 7 April.

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BTW, 17 March, 2021, was the sixth anniversary of the dismissal of the RICO Madness Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. LOLsuit.


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